This Blog is Evolving :-)

You all may have noticed over the last few days this blog has been evolving into what I hope will become an excellent resource for social justice issues. There is a lot of information on this page but in the interest of presenting this information for easy access I will archive postings monthly.
In the right hand column of the page I have added a “Downloads (Documents)” section. Here I have and will continue to provide access to documents and reports from Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations.
I have added “My Social Justice Book Store” which I will update with non-fiction and fiction but based on true events books and DVD’s on social justice issues. The book store is provided as a one stop shop for books and DVD’s. A portion of any proceeds will be used to support my social justice causes.
I have also added a video link to make it easier to view videos and movie trailers involving social justice issues
I am also in the process of inviting others who have written or are interested in social justice issues to participate in this blog in order to increase the value of the information provided here. Have a great day and please Remember the Victims.

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