Commentary: Cracking a Slavery Ring: How Deaf Mexicans Were Smuggled into Forced Servitude.

Commentary By
Matthew G. Jack:
Today while reviewing my news alerts I have set up, I came across the below article about a case I was involved in back in 1997. It was a very heart wrenching but interesting case that shows just how organized crime is involved in Human Trafficking. It also shows the depths such criminals will stoop to in order to further their criminal enterprises.

The telephone conversation went something like this very early that July Morning.

Me: Hello,
Caller: Are you the Duty Supervisor?
Me: Yes,
Caller: I am Captain So-and-So (wish I can member his name) from the 115 precinct NYPD.
Me: Ok,
Caller: We have about 50 Deaf and Mute Mexicans here at the precinct house.
Me: Richie?,
Caller:No sir Captain So-and-So (why can’t I remember his name?) NYPD
Me: You have what again please?,
Caller: We have 50 Deaf and Mute Mexicans here at the precinct house.,
Me: I am on my way Captain.

At that point in my career I had received tons of duty calls late at night or early in the morning but this one stands out. The first thought in my mind was that this call was so outlandish it had to be my buddy and fellow Supervisory Special Agent Richie playing one of his many jokes. But what I saw within the next few hours was no joke. Innocent, special needs people, and children of God trafficked into the United States by a ruthless criminal organization that used them to make mountains of money exploiting the sympathy of good people and the victim’s disabilities. The cramped quarters and squalor these innocent victims lived in was horrible and depressing. This small cramped apartment that the bad guys used to house and contain the victims had rooms with roughly made bunk beds that went from low on the floor nearly to the ceiling. The first thought that raced to my mind is that this was reminiscent of Nazi Concentration Camp barracks. As the case progressed and the evidence mounted we learned that the victims and criminal enterprise in New York was just a part of a larger enterprise reaching across the United States exploiting deaf mute Mexicans. I have included one media report from that time and links to others (Google Deaf Mexicans for more) to give you an understanding of what we were up against and what these victims went through. I just want to commend my fellow Special Agents of the old INS now ICE, the NYPD and the prosecutors of the Eastern District of New York that aggressively pursued this case. Treated the victims with kindness and compassion and gave the bad guys what they deserved by Law. I wish they all could have gotten a lot more. I hope you find the article below and the links informative.


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