National Cell Phone Recycling Week and

National Cell Phone Recycling Week

This is kind of off topic, right? Well, wait a minute hear me out. I will get to the point the long way by discussing two issues.

Issue #1: There is a growing problem with the improper disposal of electronic waste. The average American gets a new cell phone every 12-18 months yet it is estimated that less than 10% of the phones in circulation are being disposed of in an eco-friendly and responsible manner. Consider that one handset without a battery can pollute up to 40,000 gallons of water when the metals such as mercury, arsenic and beryllium leach out of the phone. We need to be more aware and active when it comes to protecting our earth.

Issue #2: The shrinking amount of money that good people can or will give to a cause.

Would it not be nice to find a way to solve both issues? Keep old cell phones out of land fills and polluting the environment and finding the money to support a cause you are passionate about?

So to that end and here is the point. This week, National Cell Phone Recycling week I would like to kick off a campaign I call I have started this campaign to solve both these problems. Keep cell phones out of landfill and help you find dollars to donate to the fight against Human Trafficking, Sexual Exposition and Modern Day Slavery. Go to and donate an old cell phone or two or three that you have laying around the house. Then use that money or part of that money to help the cause.

I am still working on this campaign and will be developing and fine tuning it over the next few months. However, since this is National Cell Phone Recycling week, I just felt it was the perfect time to kick it off. If anyone is interested in conducting an old cell phone collection drive to support the cause, please let me know because with in the next week or so I will have a contact in place to assist anyone in doing just that. For now, you can sell individual old cell phones by going to


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