Introducing Dr Martina Nicolls

Today I am honored to introduce to you Dr. Martina Nicolls( ). Dr Nicolls recently commented on a post on this blog and I was so excited to have a comment from such a subject matter expert that I asked her to please contribute and she did.

Dr Martina Nicolls writes from her own experiences as an independent aid worker who travels to developing countries in crisis. She provides advice and evaluates education, peace-building, democracy, community development, and child labor programs for the American government and the European Commission. She currently lives in Canberra, Australia.

I look forward to her comments and contributions in the future. Thanks so much Martina and God Bless.

Dr Nicolls comments in response to the posting “Slave Keeper Returned to U.S.” posted April 11, 2009

·         Thanks MGJack. I look forward to browsing through this blog in the times ahead as I think it’ll be a good resource on the issues of human trafficking, slavery and exploitation. I work in the field of child labor and human trafficking/exploitation and I believe it’s important for the general public to realize how wide spread it is – and in the various insidious forms it takes.

I’d also like to point out the difference between child work and exploitative child labour, and between choice and exploitation. Exploitative child labor places children in the worst forms of labor in which they are under physical harm due to long hours, breathing noxious fumes, being exposed to dangerous chemicals and the like. Children often don’t have a voice and are keen to please parents and authorities. Adults who, due to poverty or severe influence or abuse, are “forced” into slavery or sexual exploitation have no real choice. Moreover, both adult and children, in these situations know no difference – they often don’t have alternative choices or opportunities, such as education or meaningful work.

I look forward to interesting comments and debates posted on this page.

Martina Nicolls is the author of The Sudan Curse and other academic papers.





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