Operation Broken Silence

Today I have posted a new link to this blog. The link is for an organization called Operation Broken Silence.

Operation Broken Silence began in December of 2007 when founder Mark Christopher Hackett had an idea: a website that could give information about the genocides and mass murders of the past, present, and future, while providing ways, ideas, and policies for individuals, churches, and governments to become involved in ending the greatest evil that stalks Africa today.

The About page from the site states: The idea behind Operation Broken Silence is that genocide cannot be prevented or stopped unless governments, churches, and individual citizens worldwide unite as one in condemning it. Operation Broken Silence, therefore, is an easy-to-use resource that accomplishes three key points:

1. Provides Daily News on the African genocides.
2. Provides ideas and policies on the prevention and ending of genocide.
3. Expands the global anti-genocide movement.

With 3 major genocides currently underway in Africa and multiple areas of concern, in which acts of genocide have occurred or a high-possibility exists for acts of genocide to appear, the task and responsibility of defeating genocide is not one to be taken alone.

This is where the true uniqueness of Operation Broken Silence is paramount to the anti-genocide movement. With direct contacts in several international emergency aid organizations, political groups, and those that are on the ground in genocide-afflicted areas, Operation Broken Silence is in an important position to swiftly spread the word about the terrifying events occurring in African hotspots, what aid organizations need, and how individuals, churches, and governments can become involved.

This appears to be a very useful resource from a legitimist organization. For me I feel it adds needed information on the Genocide issue. Please visit and determine for yourself.




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