10 Human Trafficking Films to Watch (Have a Party)

By Matthew G. Jack

Yesterday (4/14/2009) I posted an article entitled “10 Things You Can Do To Fight Human Trafficking” One of those ten things was to throw a viewing party and watch a movie or movies about Human Trafficking. In an effort to get you all to have a viewing party, I have posted a link to an article by Amanda Kloer that provides you with movies to consider for your viewing party. I also ask that when you have your party, you ask your guests to support one of the organizations linked to this blog (such as the International Justice Mission) or one that you are already supporting. Please let me know how your party went and please send pictures and a short how it went write up (how many attended, what movie did you view? etc.) I will be happy to post an article about your party on my blog. Follow link below to the article and films.




One response to “10 Human Trafficking Films to Watch (Have a Party)

  1. We are on the frontlines of fighting today’s version of slavery (human trafficking) and ask for you to view our website:


    and contact us at +1.888.206.3264 to offer your assistance.

    Thank you,

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