April 14, 2009, A Day That Will Live In History

By Matthew G. Jack

heart_twitter_73x73pxWell Maybe not a day that will live in history but I am pretty excited about it. Today was the day that MGJack.com, my blog, my ministry received 79 views. Now I know you are thinking, Matt 79 views calm down now friend. Well it may not be a large number yet. But its 79 people that showed enough concern to visit my blog and learn. Now that is great and the blog has only been on the web since March 28th, 2009. Also, I am very grateful for the 231 friends I have made over at facebook. The exciting thing about my facebook friends are the number of students that are concerned and have an interest in the fight against Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, Slavery and Genocide. Also I want to thank the few contributors to the blog I have found so far. It is my honor to feature your writings and your work for this cause. God bless all and please keep visiting. I will do my best to provide the information you need.


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