Facebook shut me down or shut us down.

By Matthew G. Jack

facebookI was very distressed to learn yesterday that facebook disabled my profile and page on the very popular social network. Many of my new Modern Day Abolitionist friends who will be reading this post meet me there. I am not sure why my profile was disabled because I was given no explanation except that it was. I did a Google search on this issue and found out that this happens often to facebook users. It is usually due to some preserved violation of the facebook user agreement that a users conduct could somehow be harassing others or that their profile is too active. It is most likely a machine and not a human being who made the decision to disable (part of the problem).  But the end result is the same. I am cut off from folks that found the contact and interaction with me helpful in their fight against Human Trafficking, Exploitation, Slavery and Genocide. I have written a letter to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook in hopes that an appeal directly to him will reinstate my account and let me continue our work via the fantastic  social networking tool facebook has become. Below I have published the body of that letter in this post. In closing and just in case facebook does not allow the reinstatement of my profile, those of you who wish to; please contact me directly at mattjack@mgjack.com so we can continue to stay in contact. I am so very sorry this has happen and it is my prayer that all of you I have lost contact with will continue the fight against the horrors and atrocities that are Human Trafficking, Exploitation, Slavery and Genocide. God Bless you all.

Dear Mr.Mark Zuckerberg,

Yesterday I was distressed to find out that facebook had disabled my profile and page. Not only was I distressed that I lost my facebook contact with family and friends but also with over 300 Modern Day Abolitionists. You see Mr Zuclkerbeg, I have been using my facebook profile and page to bring the issue of Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, Slavery and Genocide to other facebook members. In a short time I have been successful in meeting Modern Day Abolitions from the world over, many of them students, organizations and church members all interested in the interaction and resources I was providing via facebook. With one push of a computer key someone in facebook or something shut that all down. This action by facebook has left a lot of people in the dark that were expecting my interaction and help in their fight against these horrors and atrocities.

Mr. Zuckerberg, I publish a blog at MGJack.com. Please visit my blog and you form your own opinion if my work is worthwhile and if I should be able to continue to spread the word via people I meet on facebook. I ask that you please have my profile and page fully restored to include all my friends and contacts. I ask that this be done as quickly as possible in order that the people I have inspired to join this cause don’t lose interest and faith.

Thank you for your time. I await your reply and the reinstatement of my facebook account.



3 responses to “Facebook shut me down or shut us down.

  1. That’s really sad, and it made me upset.
    The same thing happened to Prof. Michio Kaku’s account (it was blocked for unknown reason), but it’s back now. This either happened to Prof. Richard Dawkins’ account, but unfortunately it still. Hope really that won’t happen to yours. Hope to see you again on Facebook.

    Blessings on thee.

  2. Thanks for your kind words and support my friend. God Bless

  3. I enjoyed this article and added a link to this in my blog.

    Best regards,
    James With

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