Giants Pitcher Signs with Abolition

by Amanda Kloer

sp-giants01_ph1__0499822149The sun is shining, the days are longer, and this means…. it’s baseball season!  It’s the time of year when fans like me dig out our caps from the backs of closets and get ready for an afternoon of cold beer, salty peanuts, and warm, breezy Americana.  Baseball has long represented the feeling of freedom to many, and now, thanks to San Fransisco Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt, the connection is quite literal.  He is taking on the abolitionist cause, on and off the field.

Affeldt found out about the Not for Sale Campaignand made the commitment to get involved, supprising and exciting Not for Sale director and Giants fan David Batstone.

Through their foundation, Affeldt and his wife, Larisa, donated $5,000 to support a medical clinic that the professor’s Not For Sale Campaign is establishing for former child slaves in northern Thailand. Affeldt also signed up to donate $100 per strikeout to the campaign.

Many pro athletes have taken on causes throughout the years that have touched them personally in some way or another.  But trafficking, is certainly on the heavy end of these issues.  I give mad props to Affeldt for taking up this incredibly important issue and using his celebrity to bring attention and resources.  I for one, will take a temporary break from cheering for the Atlanta Bravesto root for Affeldt to pitch constant strikeouts! 

And speaking of Atlanta Braves, I am officially accepting emails from Chipper Jones and Jeff Francoeur, should they ever wish to guest blog here!

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