Students meet for World Affairs Challenge

This is a great story from Minnesota about students and the fight against Human Trafficking. Please remember to visit here to find resources for students and educators.

By: Elena Kibasova

world_affairs_challengeFrom malnutrition to refugees to human trafficking, Minnesota teenagers are tackling world problems. On Saturday about 300 high school students from all over the state met at Macalester College for a one-day conference called World Affairs Challenge. It’s the first in Minnesota and it teaches students to think globally.

During the conference, juniors from Highland Park High School put on a skit showing what it’s like for women sold into human trafficking.

“I was pretty surprised people do this to other people,” said Lisa Lee, from Highland Park High School.

Lisa and her classmates spent months researching this worldwide problem.

“Each year 600,000 to 800,000 men, women and children are being trafficked,” a classmate said during the skit.

The presentation is just one activity. They also made posters and models to display how they’d solve human rights violations and other challenges people face in the world. 

Students also had an opportunity to fill out a timeline to better understand the context of immigration in the U.S., and more specifically, it is relevant to Minnesota because this state has the largest Hmong, Liberian and Somali communities in the country.

“Looking at it in a book is great but if you really talk to people and get to know people and look at issues from different perspectives, you can make a policy change and make changes that will impact the entire world,” an organizer said.

“A lot of people don’t even know what Hmong is and when new migrants come into the U.S., people don’t know what’s going on,” Lisa said.

Lisa’s parents fled Thailand as refugees. She said group discussions on who refugees are and why they came to the U.S., were important for her classmates to hear.

“I think it should be taught more in class because not a lot of people know about it,” Lisa said.


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  2. Thanks, and visit this blog often.

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