A Modern Day Abolitionist: An Incredible Women For An Incredible Fight

By Matthew G. Jack 

somaly_mamI had the idea a few weeks ago I would write a series of posts on Modern Day Abolitionists. I have been attempting to decide who to start with. Well the answer came form the May 11, 2009 issue of Time Magazine.  

Somaly Mam can just walk away from it all. She has been rescued and set free. Her life as a sex slave is behind her. It’s all over for her now. Did you hear what I said Somaly? It’s over for you now. Not for Somaly because she has gone from slave to abolitionist. My God just think of the strength and courage that must have taken. Somaly Mam was just named one of Time Magazines 100 Most Influential People of 2009 for her abolitionist work. U.N goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie wrote an impassioned endorsement of Somaly in Time:

“The fact that she escaped makes her unique, but what makes her truly extraordinary is that she went back. While, understandably, most people would spend the rest of their lives quietly recovering from their wounds, Mam decided to confront the system that continues to victimize Cambodian girls.” 

Somaly Mam started a non profit foundation bearing her name. At somaly.org you can find out more about her abolitionist work and her foundation. You can also find a link under the news section of the foundation web site where you can read the Time Magazine article about her. I have also added a link to her foundation to this blog (MGJack.com)


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