Randomosity: Interesting Links for a Rainy Saturday

By Michelle 

Original posting May 2, 2009 on Change.org


Tanks so much for spending time on a rainy Saturday to find and post these very interesting links. It would have been even better had I reposted them on the same Saturday (sorry readers I will do better next time). The New York Times link on the new FDR book was of particular interest because I had always heard that FDR was indifferent to the plight of Europe’s Jews. I am sure many of you are also fascinated by new nuggets of information from history as I am. Please enjoy Michelle’s links, and those of you who decide to read the new FDR book “Roosevelt and the Jews: A Debate Rekindled” please comment on it by replying to this post and give us all a review.

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BUCHENWALDThe New York Times reviews a new book on FDR and the Holocaust that “upends a widely held view that he was indifferent to the fate of Europe’s Jews, and asserts that new evidence shows that the president pushed for an ambitious secret rescue plan before the war began.” Of course, while FDR might not have been entirely indifferent, he not only never followed through with any such rescue plans, but failed to take relatively easy actions that would’ve saved thousands of Jews seeking asylum from Nazi persecution.

Leopold Engleitner, a Jehovah’s Witness who spent time in the Buchenwald concentration camp after refusing to denounce his faith, will travel to St. Petersburg this week to speak to audiences at the Florida Holocaust Museum.

Dom Joly describes his encounter with the photographer of the notorious Tuol Sleng prisonin Cambodia: “This man’s photographs are now possibly the most poignant and hideous symbols of the genocide committed by Pol Pot’s regime in the late Seventies. Here I was, sitting in his living room with his grandchildren running around his feet, smoking Alain Delon cigarettes. I felt sick.”

Artists in Rwanda launched the “One Dollar Campaign” to raise money to assist orphans and vulnerable children.

The case of a suspected Rwandan genocidaire, arrested in Kansas earlier this month, will mark thefirst attempt by the U.S. government to prove genocide in federal court.

Gareth Evans criticizes the UN Security Council for failing to recognize their responsibility to protect civilians in Sri Lanka. (For regular updates on the situation in Sri Lanka, check out Change.org’s Humanitarian Relief blog.) 

[Photo: Prisoners walk out of the Buchenwald concentration camp after being freed by U.S. Army troops in April 1945.]


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  1. There’s more than meets the eye @ Buchenwald.

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