UK Children’s Home A Front for Child Trafficking Ring

Commentary by Matthew G. Jack

Please read another great article by our friend Amanda Kloer on the horrible issues of re-trafficking. Yes the re-exploitation of the exact same victims that where exploited and trafficking in the first place. Just to show you how ingenious and resilient this criminal organizations are, read this article and prepare to be shocked.

By Amanda Kloer

ChineseChildrenIf a home for trafficked children lost 77 kids in the span of three years, you might think they would face some pretty serious scrutiny.  Well, not if that home for trafficked children was really just a front for organization crime to re-traffic already victimized children in the UK.  And the added punch in the pace is that this is not a private charity which fell into criminal control, but rather a government-owned home operated by the London borough of Hillingdon.

  1. Christine Beddoe, the chief executive of Ecpat UK, a charity that campaigns against child trafficking, said

The Hillingdon experience is of such national significance that it cannot be swept under the carpet. We have been calling on government for an inquiry into missing children for years. Every year we are ignored, hundreds more children are being exploited.

I know that we here in the U.S. are far from perfect, but really?  You lost 77 kids over 3 years and no one noticed! While this could be attributed to an immigration system with the functional modernity of a rusty Edsel with an 8-track, I think it smacks of something much more sinister.  I just don’t understand how you lose 77 kids from a government-run shelter and not notice without some level of corruption going on in government.  I hope that UK citizens are outraged at this obvious gross misuse of taxpayer money and trust. 

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One response to “UK Children’s Home A Front for Child Trafficking Ring

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