I am Not for SALE. You are Not for SALE. Nobody should be for SALE

Commentary by: Matthew G. Jack 

It is my honor to introduce to the readers of this blog a Modern Day Abolitionist and my friend Stephanie Jira. Stephanie is from Little Rock, Arkansas, a student and passionate about the cause. She has been an inspiration to me and now I hope an inspiration to millions more as she becomes a regular contributor here on ALENOW.org. Please join me in welcoming Stephanie and enjoy this her first article on ALENOW.org

by; Stephanie Jira

GetAttachghhtyment.aspxA ballroom in Fayetteville, AR was the setting for an extraordinary evening.  At first glance one might see an ordinary art show but the truth would be reveled with a second look. Paintings, photography, jewelry, pottery, and art work were set deliberately around the room.  Classical music filled the room as dozens of people walked around admiring the art.  What makes this art show so different from all the other art shows? One word can explain it all. FREEDOM.

 The NOT FOR SALE campaign is a group of artist, business owners, faith based people, teachers, students, athletes, and everyday people who have come together to fight human trafficking. We use all our unique gift, ideas, and passions to help those who can not help themselves. We work together with others to bring FREEDOM to all people. That was the reason we gathered together at an art show to help raise money to fight human trafficking.

   There were many local artists that showed their work on Saturday. There was a large variety and selections of art. There was one artist that stood out from all the rest. The other artist brought works they already had but FREEDOM Rodriguez painted on the issue of human trafficking. His painting struck a cord with all of us in attendance. From the invisible chains, to the birth of an idea, modern slave ships, and the kindness of God in a cruel world, and others most of the paintings he did about human trafficking sold. 

  From 6:30pm to 10:30pm the ballroom was filled with people who are working to make a difference in the world of human trafficking. Money was raised to help fund projects nationally and internationally. Much more happen that night. The best part of the evening was the chance to raise awareness of human trafficking in Arkansas.

 One step at a time we are educating others about human trafficking. One fundraiser at a time we are making a difference in victim’s lives worldwide. Anyone can join us and help us in this fight.

                                           This is one war we can not loose!

                                         Everyone should have FREEDOM!


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