Stop Genocide Now Writes Open Letter to President Obama to Help End Bloodshed in Chad

I try to stay above the political fray when it comes to the issues of Human Trafficking, Explotaion, Slavery and Genocide. However, sometimes there is an item that just screams to be posted to and this letter from the group Stop Genocide Now is one of them. I will stop here and let the letter speak for its self. (MGJ)

chad_hungryPORTLAND, Ore.) – The group Stop Genocide Now reports that one of the refugee camps in Chad has been bombed.

“Not only is Al-bashir embolden enough to starve his own people by expelling the aid organizations he is now bombing them, AGAIN,” they report.

The group’s Alysha Atma says people have the opportunity to use their voices for those that so desperately need it, and she is begging for the world’s assistance in reducing the rampant violence there.

The group has drafted an open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama seeking intervention and assistance:

Dear President Obama

During your campaign you said that you would listen, that all voices would be heard. Did that mean only those voices closest to you at that moment? I am yelling and many of my friends and family are yelling, LOUDLY, for Darfur. We asking that you now use your voice, to reach back into those fundamentals that ran your campaign on, to STAND UP and YELL for Darfur.

I listened to you and believed in you, that you would be the change. You said that if we did not act for Darfur it would be a stain on humanity. Darfur is bleeding and those still fighting for peace believed in you and trusted you to YELL LOUDLY for them.

I know that I am not the only one asking this of you, 600 people from 33 countries are fasting for Darfur. Fasting in solidarity for Darfur, standing together to act because we believe those in positions of authority who know what is right and just, could and should do more to alleviate their suffering and bring peace, protection, and justice to the people of Sudan.We fast for Darfur’s courageous people —because we yearn for a world where human rights are respected and a life of dignity is the legacy for every man, woman and child.

Al-Bashir believes he is stronger rather than weaker or isolated–after blatantly starving his own people, he now feels emboldened to even bomb refugee camp areas. I cannot imagine what our friends at camp Oure Cassoni might be going through, as Sudanese aircrafts repeatedly bomb that border area.

Last weekend you upheld your promise to Michele to take her to dinner and Broadway performance in New York. What about your promise to the Darfur people? What about your promise to the American people about what is right and just in the International community? What about your promise to me to use your voice for those that need it, to stand for change? How many must starve and die in refugee camps? How many must run and hide from the bombs being droped on the only 20% of villages left in Darfur? When will NEVER AGAIN mean NEVER AGAIN?

I am using my voice, I need yours….


Alysha Atma

Stop Genocide Now

Stop Genocide Now (SGN) is a grassroots community dedicated to working to protect populations in grave danger of violence, death and displacement resulting from genocide. Through active education, advocacy and policy change SGN resolves to change the way the world responds to genocide. SGN is currently focused on creating awareness and action to stop the genocide in Darfur and deal appropriately with its aftermath. All of our projects focus on and utilize the strength and power in grassroots connectivity.


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