Send Your Favorite Nonprofit to Blogworld

Please venture over and vote for the non profits that you care about. Spread the word. (MGJ)

by Nathaniel Whittemore

blog-world-expo-largeBlogworld is one of the better known conferences for bloggers and social media professionals to discuss and share more about how the field is evolving and best practices. This year, they’re offering a creative way to get nonprofits involved in their activism track.

It’s as simple as going to, checking out who’s been nominated already, and either voting for an organization that’s in the system or adding your own.

The current leaderboard is pretty interesting. As I would have expected, many animal rights and animal welfare groups are towards the top. These groups always have a high presence in online contests like this, as it’s an issue that so many with pets feel personally strongly about.

There are also some other groups that tend to have a strong support network in the social media sphere like Ushahidi and charity:water in the top 20 as well. I’d love to see all these groups go, but I’m also excited to support groups getting exposed to social media for the first time. I worry that the exact groups this conference could benefit are the ones least likely to know how to organize to win.

Still it’s an interesting idea. Get on over there to vote!


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