Human trafficking threatens families, women, children

human-traffickingI found a new blog today published by someone using the name CJaye57. From what I have read so far it seems to be a very well written and researched blog on the topic of  Human Trafficking. I plan to spend more time reading through it and re posting articles of interest. The first one I am posting is below and is in regards to a past event but the article below provides very helpful information to those of use in the fight against Human Trafficking. (MGJ)

Each year in America, 800,000 children are reported missing. And this number doesn’t account for the forgotten children who are not reported – runaway or throw-away children.
Child abduction is organized and Internet predators are lurking for the young. Pornography’s normalization and its addictive power fuel the demand for human sex slavery. Terrorists use sex slavery and porn to fund their activities.
This human trafficking epidemic is the second biggest moneymaker in the world, and it’s here in the U.S. in greater numbers than many would believe. Human trafficking is predominantly the practice of enslaving women and children for commercial sexual exploitation. Some adult and child prostitutes are forced to service men 25 to 30 times a day.
Children from broken homes where they have been abused or molested are often easy prey, lured into sex trafficking by pimps or others who profit from human trafficking. However, many abducted children come from loving normal families in hometown America.

Contributing factors

One major element fueling human trafficking is pornography. It is like a drug fueling sexual addiction and it is never satisfied. The porn high wears off, then demands a stronger high, then yet a stronger high – a process which often leads to acting out the fantasies.
Other factors that contribute to human trafficking include illegal immigration, terrorist activity, gang activity and Internet abuse.
The border with Mexico is so porous it provides a pipeline to human traffickers who lure tens of thousands of women each year from Europe and elsewhere with the promise of a good job and a good lifestyle. They are taken to Mexico and then the U.S. because of the ease of entry through the porous border.
Upon arrival, they are forced to be prostitutes held in slavery by threats to themselves and their families. They are brainwashed to fear the police. Since they don’t speak English and fear the police, many don’t try to escape. Those who do escape, often run to the church because it has always been known as a sanctuary and refuge.
According to Stephen Brown, contributing editor of (10/24/08), one suspected terrorist was arrested last fall with child porn images. Embedded in the disturbing images, investigators found hidden messages sent by fellow terrorists.
Gangs use trafficking because it is lucrative with little risk. They reuse the women/children repeatedly without cost, unlike the selling of drugs.
The Internet can be a wonderful tool or a cesspool. There is nothing to inhibit the Internet predator and it allows him to be anonymous. Predators are sophisticated in their manipulation, able to deceive with great skill.

Finding solutions
Simply put, people must act. Claudia Barlow, long time anti-trafficking activist, points to “… terrorist money laundering and businesses which profit from it. To win the battle requires good people to stand against the moral depravity and the corruption that creeps on those businesses that comply.”
Media and advertisers need to be morally sensitive. Demand prosecution of obscenity crimes. Close the open borders. Get involved with pro-family organizations taking a moral stand and helping victims. Such groups include the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family and others.
Advocacy groups can also play an important role in solving the problem. One prominent faith-based service provider is Center to Restore Trafficked and Exploited Children (CRTEC), led by Ric Lumbard. CRTEC ministers to the whole victim (spirit, soul and body) from a Christian perspective.
The Church is another key to victory. It is the largest grassroots movement the world has ever known or will know. It is the most cost efficient, and it is driven by a heart passionate to fulfill Christ’s command to set the captive free.
Women and children are crying out to be set free. Will we hear? Will we act?

Preventing Abuse Conference
September 11-12, 2009
Irvine, California

Tony Nassif is the president and founder of the Preventing Abuse Conferences. For more information visit or call 818-848-7522.
Dr. Judith Reisman, world renowned expert on the effects and addictiveness of porn on the human brain will present compelling information at the conference.
Other featured speakers will include victims Noreen Gosch, Theresa Flores and Alicia Kozakiewicz.
For more information on the subject: CRTEC, P.O. Box 296 Hiawatha, IA 52233;, 319-892-0230.


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