The WEEKEND to END SLAVERY November 14-15, 2009

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please Host a screening Party

logoOn behalf of The International Justice Mission we ask that you visit and learn about a film narrated by actor Danny Glover, At the End of Slavery: The Battle for Justice in our Time. This film takes you inside the violent and ugly business of modern-day slavery — the buying and selling of human beings — from the brothels of the Philippines to the brick kilns of India.

Undercover footage and first-person testimony from former slaves and respected experts expose the enormity of the crime — but a remarkable strategy and the courage of today’s abolitionists offer hope for a final end to this brutal trade.

Shot on location in the Philippines, India, Cambodia and the U.S., At the End of Slavery takes you to the frontlines of today’s battle for justice and includes true stories of former slaves and undercover footage from police operations to rescue children from brothels. International Justice Mission’s investigators, lawyers and social workers and their clients, along with other leading abolitionists and anti-trafficking experts, show that there is nothing inevitable about slavery. Law enforcement success in finding and rescuing victims, and prosecuting perpetrators, demonstrates the real possibility of an end to this trade.

Two hundred years ago, British abolitionists used an image of the slave ship “Brookes” (pictured at right) depicting the inhumane conditions in which enslaved Africans were transported across the Atlantic to expose the brutality of slavery to people who had never met or even seen a slave themselves. This image galvanized the abolition movement.

At the End of Slavery is designed to serve as a tool to open eyes, in the same way that the abolitionists who brought the trans-Atlantic slave trade to an end used this compelling image. Bring your community into the fight against slavery by introducing them to the reality of this crime: Host a house party screening – start planning your event now.

At the End of Slavery is a clarion call to every viewer to join the movement to end slavery in our lifetime. A film alone cannot end slavery. But by working together, we can.

The film was produced by acclaimed cinematographer Neal Broffman and directed by IJM’s Ted Haddock. The creation of At the End of Slavery was made possible through the generosity of Humanity United. Learn more about the film’s


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