The Ugly Truth about Prostitution

This post is written by Olivia, a teen abolitionist and blogger. You can read more of here thoughts and posts at her blog Olivia, God Bless and keep up the good work. 

By Olivia 

sad-girl-205x300So what’s the big deal about prostitutes? I mean, aren’t they all those Marilyn Monroe types that are in it for the fun? At least that’s how most people see the whole issue of prostitution. It’s called a “victimless crime” and it’s claimed that it’s a civil agreement where both parties get what they want and no one gets hurt. But is that the case?

The Statistics show otherwise. Let’s take a look at some statistics starting with age:

  • Average age of entry for a prostitute: 14 – 16 yrs
  • Average mean age: 31
  • Average years in prostitution: 11
  • Percent younger then age 18 at entry: 42%

The most shocking of those stats is that average entry age. I just turned fourteen last week. Most of my friends are 15, 16, and 17. It’s so sad and scary to think of so many of my peers being in prostitution. Also, it is not legal and should not be. Most juvenile prostitutes are runaways and are (obviously) not doing so with parent’s permission.

Violence in Prostitution:

  • Threatened with a weapon: 78%
  • Physically assaulted: 82%
  • Raped: 82% (note from Annie Lobert: many prostitutes are confused by the definition of rape and so the numbers are suspected to be higher then this.)
  • Raped more than 5 times: 73%
  • Current or past homelessness: 84%
  • As a child, been beaten by a caregiver until injured or bruised: 49%
  • Sexually abused as a child: 65-95%

Victimless crime, huh? Hollywood and pop culture has glamorized it when the facts don’t show that glamour, in fact, they show horror and evil. Prostitution also gives great opportunity for slavery and many women in prostitution as being held there against their will, either with threats and fear of their pimps, substance addictions (that they now have to get money for the only way they see possible), or debts that they are told need to be paid.

Drug and Alcohol use:

  • Drugs: 75%
  • Alcohol: 26%

Another sobering statistic. From what I’ve read of personal stories and such, pimps will get their women addicted to drugs in order to make them stay and keep earning money. No working. No drugs.

The Most Shocking Statistic:

  • 87% of prostitutes say they would leave prostitution.

Now that is a HUGE number! There are an estimated 100,000 prostitutes in America.  That means that around 87,000 prostitutes want to get out of the trade. That shatters all our preconceived ideas that we have about prostitution, or at least it has shattered mine.

My journey that lead to this burden on my heart started with my passion to end modern day slavery. At first the whole issue that some slavery involve forced prostitution made me feel uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure if I should even share that when mentioning slavery. Then as I learned more about sex slaves and eventually about prostitution in general, God really laid on my heart a burden and a boldness to do what I can to help and to bring awareness of this issue to others.

I hope to share a little about the after effects of prostitution on our culture and upon the Western world in the next post. The issue with prostitution lies deeper then just with the women. Ultimately, it effects almost everyone in America and Canada to some degree or another.

(Note: Statistics provided by Annie Lobert via Annie was a former prostitute and now follower of Christ as well as founder of Hookers for Jesus. The estimate of prostitutes comes from

[Disclaimer about statistics… they are almost always estimates and can usually be spun whatever way you so chose too. I was careful about who I took my statistics from and made sure it was a reliable source. In this case that’s a former prostitute who now works with prostitutes.]


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  1. Great piece of journalism Olivia

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