Rowing Against Slavery

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By Monica

This article has been re posted from the travel blog “A Pair of Panties & Boxers”.  It is written by the blogs author new Modern Day Abolitionist and my new friend in the fight Monica.  This is her first article on the subject and I would ask you all to visit her blog  and encourage her to continue to write on this import cause. (MGJ)

I was born and bred in New York City. It has always been and will always be my home. The entire world seems to merge into this one magnificent city…and then I studied abroad. Out of my comfort zone I realized I was living in a bubble. I use to want the corner office with a Manhattan skyline view. Now I realize that view only allows me to see the world through a keyhole. That’s not good enough for me anymore.

For avid travelers who’ve seen the world – the world that isn’t all glitz and glamor – it’s hard to turn your cheek to poverty and human injustice. Canada’s Adventure Couple, Dave and Debra, recently shared their experiences about Begging in India. Like them I began to question a lot of things when I began traveling. I questioned myself. I questioned the society I was raised in. I questioned the media. I questioned governments and their hidden agendas and self-serving intentions.

At times it seems overwhelming. But then someone like Peter Gadiot comes along and shows me that one person, with a passion for change, can light a spark and spread it like wildfire. Peter and his team will be rowing across the Atlantic to raise awareness for modern-day slavery and to collect donations for Anti-Slavery International, Save the Children and Fairtrade Foundation.

Who is Peter Gadiot?

Peter Gadiot is an actor and a true citizen of the world. He graduated from the prestigious Drama Centre London and have filmed in Spain, Romania, Greece, Poland and Australia. He’s traveled to place like Brazil, Thailand, Eastern Europe and Africa. In addition to Rowing Against Slavery, Peter is a volunteer school speaker in humanitarian education for the British Red Cross and a member of Climate Camp.

Why is Peter Rowing Against Slavery?

“Having traveled to various parts of the world and seen, first hand, the effect of modern day slavery, I really wanted to do something big to raise awareness of this issue, and it doesn’t get much bigger than rowing across one of the world’s great oceans,” says Peter.

About Rowing Against Slavery

The 5 week journey begins tomorrow, December 6th and ends the first week of January. Preparations began December 2nd, which marks the United Nations’ International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. Peter and his team will be rowing from La Gomera, Canary Islands to Antigua, which is expected to take about 5 weeks.

As if the 3,000 mile-ordeal wasn’t grueling enough, the crew of 10 (of which Peter is the youngest member), has decided to up the pressure by attempting to beat the cross-Atlantic rowing world record, which is currently set at 33 days. The crew was hand picked by the captain, Ian Couch, one of only three men in the world to have rowed both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The crossing is an enormous physical challenge, with all crew members rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off, continuously 24 hours a day so that the boat never stops — not to mention the salt sores and blisters, no cooked food and no toilet facilities.

How can you support Peter, Rowing Against Slavery and the cause of ending human trafficking?

Or you can help by spreading the word.

For more information:

Where and when have you witnessed poverty and/or social injustice while traveling?


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  1. Aaah !! Scarcely do we witness a stunning article similar to yours !! It should be a shining testament of your ability !! This writing is always your crown and you shall be perpetually ecstatic of your accomplishments which you have come to by such ability . One must on no occasion lose sight of everything you’ve completed here and I’ll eternally be with you !

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