Free the Slaves ALERT!


Dear Friends,

The catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti this week will further devastate one of the world’s poorest nations. The disaster leaves thousands of families more vulnerable to slavery.

Support from people like you has allowed Free the Slaves to work closely with two grassroots groups that fight the entrenched system of child slavery on the ground in Haiti. One group, Limye Lavi, is based near the earthquake epicenter in Jacmel. The second group, KOFAVIV, is based in Port-au-Prince. Many of its members live in the impoverished neighborhoods that now lay in ruins.

I know that all of us are thinking about the people of Haiti as the nation recovers. Beyond the immediate humanitarian efforts now underway, Haitians will require sustained support to ensure that the progress they have made in combating slavery is not lost.

Your previous support has helped to free children and reunite families. To ensure that these anti-slavery efforts can continue at this critical time, please contribute to the Free the Slaves Haiti Fund.

Choose “Haiti Fund” in the online donation form designation window, and your funds will be dedicated to Haiti’s anti-slavery efforts.

Thank you,

Jolene Smith
Free the Slaves CEO



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