Genocide Deniers

Reposted from: A Passion to Understand

Last week a genocide denier commented on my blog and effectively denied that the Srebrenica massacre had occurred.  Actually, a couple of years ago before the mass graves were discovered, they denied there had been a massacre at all.  They claimed that the 8,000 men and boys were cowards who had cleverly fled town to avoid the conflict.  Unfortunately, in their expression of grief, the families and survivors were unable to accept that their loved ones were dead and so the situation perpetuated until the graves were discovered and unearthed by the UN.

With the discovery of the graves, the tactic of hate had to be altered.  When this person commented, he claimed that the Bosniaks, the Bosnian Muslims, were tired of not getting their own way in the Balkan war and so they orchestrated the massacre to force NATO involvement.  These deniers in fact can’t really make up their minds precisely how to spread their hatred as the links he posted suggest that the Bosniaks were holding Al-Qaeda training camps and therefore, in the name of the War On Terror it is only right and true that 8,000 men and boys were killed at Srebrenica.

That is right – six years before the attacks on the US and the start of the War on Terror, the Serbs magically thought to purge the world of the Al-Qaeda terrorists.  The problem with that kind of hatred is they simply aim to make our blood pressure rise but their arguments are always fundamentally flawed.

I have expressed my revulsion at genocide deniers before in my entry Right and Wrong.  This time I felt quite appalled afterwards as I had replied to the comment and that means that anyone who had previously commented would have received my reply full of fury and vitriol in their inbox.  I feel that I should apologise.  Not for what I said but for the manner in which it was executed.  Calling a commenter “scum of the earth” on your blog is not exactly the way to engender the respect of your readers or encourage further conversation and discourse.  My aim therefore will be to continue doing what I do and to weed these people out and expose their actions until the whole world knows that there is no use in them denying what they have done.



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