Free2Work Smartphone App Lets Shoppers Fight Slavery

by Amanda Kloer

The Not for Sale Campaign is giving shoppers the chance to fight slavery with their smart phones this holiday season. The Free2Work app give consumers a handy guide to how their favorite brands fare in preventing slavery and other serious abuses in their supply chains. Now you’re just a touchscreen away from making every purchase support freedom and fairness for workers around the world.

Free2Work rates companies that manufacture consumer goods on their policies toward and responses to human trafficking, child labor, and related abuses in their supply chains. Rated companies range from Adidas to the Gap, M&M/Mars to Walt Disney, and even more companies will be added between now and the holiday shopping season. The companies are rated using a tool that examines their code of conduct, enforcement of labor standards, and responses to incidents of child or slave labor in suppliers. And now, that information will be available to shoppers on the go.

The Free2Work app premiered this week at the SF AppShow, where it was named one of the “11 Great Apps for 2011.” And the accolades are no surprise. The app will allow consumers to easily browse company grades and information, get updates from other activists, and see the latest videos and photos from the field. It’s tool that will empower conscious consumers with the information they need when they need it the most — before they step into the checkout line.

But the Free2Work app has the power to do much more than just inspire Susie McShopperson to go with one brand of sneakers over another. It has the power to mobilize consumers to take collective action and vote with their dollars for companies working to prevent slavery and trafficking. When companies know consumers have a tool to check their human rights and labor records at the point of purchase, they might just take those issues a lot more seriously. So if you use the Free2Work app this holiday season, let Not for Sale know about it.

The app will be available (barring any technical difficulties) in the iPhone and iPad stores on Monday, making it even easier to make your holiday season shopping slavery-free.

Photo credit: Cristinano Bello

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